Our innovative bath can be raised and lowered to make assisted bathing easy

Designed for Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Disabled Persons Care & Rehabilitation Centres

Easy Way Bath manufactures and sells a range of  baths for nursing homes, hospitals and in-home care.

Easy Way Bath is an Australian Company, based in Tasmania.

The company commenced operations in 1993, with the development of a range of baths, both the standard model and a spa bath unit undertaken by the founders of the company.

The company's products have been designed for use in aged care and other establishments dealing with aged and infirm patients.

Easy Way baths are able to lift patients to a level where nursing and other staff may easily reach the patient, without risk to themselves through back and other muscular strains.

Easy Way Bath

Benefits of the Easy Way Bath

This innovative bath has a number of great features

  • Easy Lifting

    The patient may be lifted to a safe working height, making bathing elderly or infirm patients easy.
  • Use existing location

    Baths may be fitted into existing bath locations or into new bath area.
  • Free standing

    Free standing, saving in installation cost

  • Made in Australia

    Easy Way baths are made in Australia from locally produced products and are available at significant savings to imported products.
bathupdown 2
  • Ready for Installation

    Each bath comes ready for installation, once lifted out of the packaging.

  • Easy to lift

    The bath may be lifted into place by two people, whereas most other baths on the market require lifting equipment for installation.

  • Use existing outlets

    Easy Way baths may be connected to existing bath outlets and use existing wall mounted taps and plumbing. 

  • Choice of tapware

    Baths supplied with or without tapware.

Other Products

Spa Bath

Spa Bath

The Easy Way spa bath uses an air blower unit that gives a hygienically safe and relaxing spa action. The system is self purging at the end of the cycle, giving a hygienically safe system.

EasyWay Bath Accessories

Foot Switch

All Easy Way baths come with the option of an easy-to-use foot switch to lift or lower the bath. Alternatively, raising and lowering is operated with a hand operated switch.


Shower Head Tap

The optional shower head tap is attached via an extendable, flexible hose, making rinsing your patient easier than ever.


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